Baler Trip


“Sometimes the place doesn’t matter because the company makes it fun.”

Last December 19-21, 2015, My friend celebrated her birthday in Baler Aurora, Quezon Province. A place where surfing is best known, many tourists, foreigners and many enjoyed the waves despite the stormy weather. We traveled from 2 at the morning until 11 am. 9 hours of travelling was really insane, I am used to travelling long hours bu this trip almost made me insane. I don’t really know why, maybe because after sleeping for so long, it made anxious if we were close or not so.



When we reached the place, we ahead to our first resort, Aliya Surf Camp. The province only has a generator to fuel up their electricity because the storm hit their electricity system. Since there was a storm, a landslide happened between the mountains of Sierra Madre and it fell to the waters, because of that the waters became brown. It took a week before the waters became clear again, but 3 days for the water to slowly change its color. While waiting for the water to slowly change its waters, we took a tour of the province, we visited the Digisit Beach, Ditumabo Falls, The Millennium Tree, Baler Hanging Bridge, the heart of Baler, Rolling Store, Lifeguard Watch Tower, Digisit Beach and  Cemento Beach.


Soon after, we also tried many kinds of food served in Baler. We’ve eaten at Costa Pacifica, Yellow Fish, Bay’s-Inn, Aliya Surf Camp, and the Rolling Stone. We had a funny experience where we want to drink something hot but our resort does not serve anymore because it was already late. We walked to the other place beside our resort but we make lusong-lusong at the baha. It was really funny because we did that just for milo. Hahahaha


Moving on, after the storm we moved to another resort, Bay’s-Inn. Personally speaking, I liked Bay’s-Inn better that Aliya because they serve breakfast to their people and have a better room accommodations than Aliya but both resorts have a great serve. Last on our list, we surfed till we had enough. It was my first time surfing, it was listed on my bucket list to try all sorts of water sports because I love the water, the sea everything. Swimming was may sport, because of that it made feel like a mermaid and Every time I swim, I always like a mermaid, free and happy enjoying the coldness and refreshing waters. When it was the afternoon, we left Baler and rode a JoyBus of Genesis or a Deluxe Bus. I miss Baler and hopefully soon, I will travel back when I don’t have many things to do anymore. Hahahaha! Love you Baler, See you later!


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