Choosing the future

 Future. One word that worries every human on this planet. Making choices that will affect each chapter of our lives. Dreams that makes people strave for fulfillment or success. The freedom of living in a world that reflects our imagination. However, choosing your future is a once in a life time chance to regret or to thank for the everyday of living the life we want. Let’s return to one chapter where we need to choice a future you want to.

College. It is where we learn and master our pre-future, selecting what path to continue and it is where we may destroy our future. Currently, I am taking up a bachelor’s degree in Communication arts at De La Salle University – Dasmariñas. A third year to be exact, 2 and a half semesters left before finish my 10 year education. Right now, we are now giving a chance to choose what course track we want to pursue later on. Media Production, Advertising and Public Relations, these are the course tracks we can choose from but not all of us are fully sure what to pursue because major professors are really good in confusing us what to choose. Mostly impressive to persuade us into choosing this and that. Also, scaring the hell out of us in the hardships we may daw in that field.

So far, I am close in choosing Advertising as my elective/major next semester. Not so sure but I’m getting my mind straight. Slowly and surely permanently choosing my own future that will be written by me and with the guidance of Our Heavenly Father. One things for sure, I am enjoying what I am doing right now college and I wouldn’t have it in any other way.


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