Revelare – Hukbo Pictures

In the beginning, I didn’t know what to except or what will happen to our production team but I was thrilled to be working with the people in the group that I was placed at. The struggle was real, yes. We faced various obstacles that really challenged our team. We had aims and goals for the film, some didn’t work but the alternative was better. After all the hardships, I could say that, it was worth it. It brings me to tears when I remembered all of the things we did for our production.

The sacrifices, conflicts, sleepless nights, school, and everything. We pushed through everything, not even a storm can bring us down, literally. From the very start, I never stopped believing in them until the end and for a long time; and because of that, it gave me that push to go forward, enjoy and learn at the same time from the experience and from them. I thank that I was a part of Hukbo pictures; because of them, I truly understand the words, effort, sacrifice, unity and love. It’s hard to fully explain what we had gone through from the start until the end and the roller coaster of emotions but it was one of the best adventures of my life that I will treasure forever. I love guys!😘



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