3 and a half friendship

   Entering college was like walking in a path with two ways to go to. One was good and the other was bad. Good, in a sense of meeting and belong with people who can bring out the best in you, help you in any situation you’re in it. Be able to depend on when you need it the most and especially a warm and fuzzy feeling of home. Where you can just be your self and show how you are. Bad, resulting to hanging out with the wrong set of people. Negative effects or consequences you experience because of the wrong decisions that seems to be right. Pushes you down, you lose confidence, and in the end leaves you behind.

In my 3 and a half years of staying in college, I was lucky to meet and be with this people. So far, it was a long shot of friendship. Fights/misunderstandings, stories/experiences, bonds and making memories are the common denominators in a friendship. I’ve became friends with many people in my college life but this people really stood up the most out of everybody else. High’s and low’s we stood each other’s side, even with just looks or atmosphere we sense each other messages that we do not convey in public. Secret stares, inside jokes, ridiculous impersonations, creating a group language and almost being a telepathic. Memories that we can share to others but they can never really understand those experiences we had. They can imagine but try can never feel it. I just wanna thank The Lord for blessing me with people who can inspire and journey with in my 4 years in college and to my friends who love, care, support, guide and be there with me when I needed someone the most. I love you guys! 😘


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